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YiDeng Be awarded:《General technical requirements for lithium ion batteries for wireless earphones》Drafting unit of grou



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   The "2019 Shenzhen International Audio Exhibition" hosted by Shenzhen audio industry association was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on September 20, 2019.
   Leaders from Guangdong power battery Standardization Technical Committee, China electronic audio industry association and Guangdong quality inspection institute attended the meeting and made important speeches. Combined with the technical strength of battery manufacturers, they jointly prepared the first battery group standard for wireless headphones.
   Dongguan Yiyi Electronic Co., Ltd. is honored to be invited to participate in the awarding ceremony of "standard drafting unit of the first general technical requirements group for lithium ion batteries for wireless headphones", and was awarded the standard drafting unit of "general technical requirements for lithium ion batteries for wireless headphones".

   Through this opportunity to discuss and exchange with various enterprises, the plan of drafting the group standard for general technical requirements of lithium ion battery for the first wireless headset, combined with our own advantages of R & D, production and comprehensive battery test system, is more confident to achieve industrial standardization of product quality, so as to take the lead in the fierce market competition and jointly explore lithium Another myth of ion batteries.

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