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Sales Manager: many

1. Have more than 1 year of sales experience, need to have sales experience in lithium battery cell, polymer, and lithium battery surrounding industries; just graduated from high school or college; willing to develop in the field of lithium battery;
2. Cheerful personality, good communication ability, passion and dare to challenge;
3. Have strong pressure resistance ability, strong learning ability, clear goal planning, and love sales work.

Quality Manager: 1
1. Male and female not limited to 30-45 years old, bachelor degree or above;
2. More than three years of working experience in polymer lithium battery quality; note: (those with college degree and more than four years of working experience can be considered for interview)
3. Those with iso9001:2015 quality management system and iso14001:2015 environmental management system certification and training are preferred.
1. Be responsible for the company's quality records and control regulations, and be familiar with the quality management system and standards;
2. Be responsible for the supervision, analysis and preventive measures for the judgment of unqualified products of the company;
3. Be responsible for the supplier's material quality control and abnormal problems complained by customers, analysis, prevention and improvement;
4. Be responsible for the control and management of measuring instruments and testing instruments;
5. Daily management of the selection, training, assessment, rewards and punishments, and salary determination of the employees of the Department.

Technical chief engineer: 1
1. College degree or above, major in energy and chemical industry;
2. At least 3 years of polymer lithium battery development experience in technology and process management of well-known lithium battery enterprises;
3. Be familiar with the design and process flow of lithium battery, compile process documents, skillfully apply various material systems, have rich experience in battery technology research and development and strong hands-on ability.
1. Be responsible for the design and development, product development and research of polymer lithium battery products / projects, and formulate development plans;
2. Implement the plan, conduct product identification, production transformation and technical specification formulation, and be responsible for implementation and follow-up;
3. Follow up the development and trial production process, and deal with problems;
4. Be responsible for sorting out the engineering technical parameters of the inquiry data sent by the sales department;
5. Production review of design product drawings and BOM list;
6. The right to inspect and supervise the implementation of technical process standards;
7. Be responsible for major technical improvement and research;
8. Be responsible for the improvement and tackling of major quality problems;
9. Establish the company's internal R & D innovation system, process, system and internal team building.

Production team leader: 2
More than one year management experience as a team leader; educational background above senior high school / technical secondary school (college or above preferred)
1. Have received the preliminary training of ISO9001 related aspects, and basically understand the requirements of workshop management (such as 5S, capacity accounting, personnel management, etc.);
2. Male and female are required; age: under 35 years old; language: mandarin standard; have certain communication, coordination and control ability, and be good at mobilizing the enthusiasm of personnel;
3. Handling and follow-up of on-site abnormal problems;
4. Responsible for 5S improvement and site safety;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders on time according to quality and quantity; cooperate with other departments such as quality, technology, engineering and material control to complete relevant work;
6. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders of the company.

QC OQC: one for each
1. Male and female, 20-28 years old, high school education or above;
2. At least one year QC experience. (junior high school students need more than two years of work experience, junior college education can be no experience training)
1. Be responsible for confirming the first product in the workshop;
2. Patrol the workshop process according to the process flow and process technical requirements;
3. Take measures in time for abnormal conditions;
4. Summarize and report the quality status of the workshop on a weekly basis.

Ordinary workers: 60
We are looking for a number of general workers, male and female, 18-40 years old, with my ID card, with Changbai shift, with two shift to work hard, healthy, responsible, obedient to management, no tattoo on the skin.
1. All independent positions on duty: operator, assembler, tester and sorter;
2. Wage calculation method: all piece work, more work, more work;
3. The company provides food and accommodation (there is subsidy for food and accommodation outside);
4. Benefits such as full service award, working age award, excellent employee award, over production award and year-end award;
5. Comprehensive wages for skilled workers: 5000-10000 yuan.

Corporate welfare

Reach annual training plan with well-known institutions

Mid Autumn Festival presents to employees
1. Working hours: 8:00-17:30, working hours: 6 days, free dormitory provided by the company;
2. Purchase social security, birthday gifts and holiday gifts;
3. Rest in accordance with national legal holidays;
4. Good career development prospect and pleasant working atmosphere;
5. The company organizes employees to travel irregularly;

6. Salary: Negotiable;

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