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Wearing headphones for a long time can cause so many hazards. Dont you notice?




We can often see that in the subway, on the bus or on the road, some people like to wear earphones, some are used to listen to music, some are learning foreign languages, some are listening to the radio

It can be said that the frequency of modern people's use of headphones is quite high. So there are so many kinds of headphones on the market? How should we choose the right earphone for ourselves? Is it harmful to wear it for a long time? How to wear it correctly? Today, Xiaobian will answer for you one by one!

I. distinguish the wearing mode of headphones

1 earplug type
Most of the traditional small earphones are earplugs, which are generally cheaper and easy to wear. Portability is also high, convenient to roll up and put into pocket or bag at any time. However, because the earphone is supported by the external ear crossing, and the material is mostly hard plastic, it is easy to produce pain after wearing for a long time.

2 ear type
At present, the more professional earphone is usually made of in ear type. The front cavity of the ear shell of in ear earphone can reach into the ear canal, which is relatively stronger in low frequency, better in sound insulation effect, and greatly reduces noise. It can also be heard when the volume is lower in noisy environment, but this kind of earphone is easy to bring bacteria into the ear canal.

3 head type
The headphones are fully fitted to the ears, and the price is generally high, but the noise reduction, sound quality, endurance and other indicators are upstream, and they have a sense of sound approaching its environment, which is suitable for heavy music lovers. However, it is large in size and heavy in weight, and it is easy for the ears to be pressed to produce pain, and it is also less portable.

4 hanging ear type
Compared with the ordinary in ear Bluetooth headset, the earphone makes the connection between the two ears into a neck hanging shape, which is more changeable in shape, more powerful in function and stronger in endurance. It is not heavy as the earphone. It is more sports enthusiast.

II. Hazards of wearing earphones for a long time

1 impaired hearing
No matter which kind of earphone, long-term use will produce long-term stimulation to cochlea and eardrum. When the volume is higher than 85 dB, we will have hearing fatigue. The volume of some high-frequency headphones can be as high as 110 dB. In this case, long-term wear can easily cause hearing damage.

2 distraction
Many people like to listen to songs while reading. In the process of using earphones, there will be more or less noise. Being in the noise environment for a long time, it is easy to distract our attention. In serious cases, there may also be discomfort such as tinnitus, hard listening and dizziness.

3 increase safety risks
Many people are using earphones when they are walking on the road. Their ears are full of music. It is often difficult to find the dangerous situation around them in time, which greatly increases the probability of traffic accidents.

4 bacteria in the ear
There are many kinds of bacteria and viruses on the earphone. If not cleaned regularly, it is easy to enter the ear with the earphone, causing ear inflammation and infection. Therefore, cleaning is very important. It is better to clean the earphone regularly.

III. the right way to use headphones

1 moderate volume and time
In the process of using earphones, it is necessary to adjust the volume to a proper range. A simple description is that after wearing earphones, you can hear the music clearly, but not harsh, and you can't hear the outside sound at all. In addition, to avoid wearing earphones for a long time, it is recommended that the continuous use of earphones should not exceed 60 minutes each time, so as to avoid excessive stimulation to the cochlea and eardrum.

2 do not wear headphones when sleeping or walking
Wearing earphones while sleeping will cause certain impact on hearing. If one earphone falls off while sleeping, it is easy to cause the problem of ear deviation. It's better not to wear headphones when walking on the road, or turn down the volume to avoid accidents due to no external sound.

3 pay attention to headphone cleaning
The bacteria on the earphone should not be underestimated. It should be cleaned regularly. It can be gently wiped with wet paper towel, water, alcohol or professional cleaner, and it can be reused after the earphone is dry, so as to prevent the second generation of bacteria.
It turns out that there are so many things to pay attention to when wearing headphones. Do you think it's a rising posture after watching? Don't forget to tell the people around you!

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