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Four essentials of good sound: sound quality, sound color, sound field and sound image




Idea 1:

Good machine and sound music can be heard as soon as it is put on. For example, the piano of Geoge Winston at the beginning can be heard with sound quality and timbre (that is, the sound is like the piano playing in the concert hall, with flesh and blood). The sound will naturally emerge in the correct position (sound field and video) in the performance platform of the concert hall. It is not necessary to listen hard to find the details It's the same, because it's natural and vivid, so there's not much learning, listening is the main thing, and you can listen to the music in 30 minutes.
Of course, when it needs to be adjusted, sound tuning and position adjustment are another vexing subject.

Idea 2: 

The preference of voice is very personal. It's the most important to like yourself. Like I don't like too many residual echoes, although it will have a sense of space, but it makes the sound mixed together. I like the feeling of the concert hall, which has flesh and blood and atmosphere, but not too noisy.
I think my home stereo is 90 points, and other home stereo is still 75 points away from my home; similarly, I think other people should think his home voice is 90 points, and my home is only 75 points. Why? First, I like my own voice, and I should like it. There is no good or bad problem, just like it or not. Second, I attach great importance to the feeling of the whole music band and the comfort of listening for a long time, while some people attach great importance to the accuracy of the details of the sound quality and timbre, which will make the direction of the voice completely different. Third, the space of my home is not completely good, but compared with other people's Space is more difficult to deal with, and space has determined the proportion of 60%.

Idea 3: 

It's important to understand your system, especially your space, just like you know who you are. The space of my house is about 8-10 square. The loudspeaker can't push forward and close to the wall. The right side is connected with the opening of the restaurant. Therefore, the toe in angle of the right loudspeaker is slightly increased, and the left loudspeaker is forward. Vocals, jazz, and chamber music are all easy to play. Symphony is about medium to high (which is not comparable to the big floor speakers), but it is enough to build a medium-sized stage. It is very suitable for family to enjoy. The sound field, sound and image are clear and positioned to form a beautiful stage. The sound quality and timbre are very bright in the single end DC vacuum tube and horn horn. The direct sound produced without amplification should be so. The overall sound is very comfortable. For example, a cup of European milk tea beside a large French window is romantic in the sunshine.

Idea 4:

When people just listen to music, they only listen to timbre and cleanliness. In addition, the store will display super high pitch, super low pitch and gorgeous display firepower to confuse the hearts of consumers, so as to achieve sales. Just like the hot girls show, it's fresh and tender, which makes you can't hold it, but if you want to take it home for a long time, it's not necessarily suitable.
It usually takes many years or more to enter the audio-visual appreciation of the sound field, because we emphasize that the sound is to reproduce the original sound. Therefore, we should present a four-dimensional space, three-dimensional space in front, we listen to the position as the command position, plus the flow of time notes into a four-dimensional space. This idea is very basic, but easy to be ignored, but most important.

Idea 5: 

Don't believe in the display of super high, super low and pure sound in the sound shop. The mid-frequency segment is the most important part of the natural sound. How to make the most of the most sound in this section is important. Instead of just focusing on shaking your heart, it's the short-term thrill of the movie theater system, not the long-term listening. That's why many of you later only like vacuum tube small power and full range speakers, rather than tube the high and low frequency on both sides of the range.
The display of pure sound is also, many of them are made of post added and subtracted materials, or specially selected display films that are easy to show, which are really just short-term and pleasant to hear, long-term listening, always feel a lot of content is missing. Music is to be listened to for a long time. It's the most important thing for a long time. I'm sure you all know it.

Idea 6: 

Don't believe in famous brands. Don't play the stereo when listening to music. It will be very tired. Don't believe in famous brand machines. Believe in your own ears or your family's ears. Comfort is the most important thing rather than famous brand clothes. Of course, if you are a boutique or an ornament, it's another matter. Return to music, as you said, find some songs you like to listen to, listen to them several times more, and enjoy them. It's better if the family likes it.

Idea 7:
Mood atmosphere is very important. Calm down, enjoy your time, like what you like. no music ,no life。 It's exaggerated, but music does change color when you live more.

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